March Early Planting and Pansies


Alan: Another thing that people always ask is what can we plant in March. You’ve been through wintertime, you’re itching to get out in the yard, but it’s still too early for some things.

But there’s quite a bit you can plant in March.

For instance, perennials, trees, shrubs, even some of the early vegetables like asparagus and rhubarb. You can plant potatoes and onions, strawberries, grape vines. There’s quite a bit you can plant in March after the grounds warmed up.

This is Ohio. You can’t always go by the calendar. But in later March as the ground warms, you can start to dig in it. And that’s the time to plant these early crops.

Kevin: What if people want to see color, Alan? What can we do to get some color out in the landscape?

Alan: There’s quite a few things. Some of the early perennials could start to show some color if they’re grown early enough, but pansies are a great addition to the garden.

You can plant those in early March. Pansies are funny to me. Because you make fun of someone, you call them a “pansy.” But in reality, pansies are tough. You can plant them in the fall and then they’ll winter over.

Come spring as soon as the weather’s nice, they’re ready. Pansies are a good way to add color to the garden early and change it up a little bit. And get some of that early color going so you can start to feel like it’s spring.

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