Nursery Selection In April


Kevin: It’s a fun time in the nursery at Dill’s Greenhouse, because our nursery is as full as it probably will ever be, in the month of April.

We receive trucks daily, sometimes multiple trucks daily. In addition to the stuff that we grow on site. If you’re kind of walking around and see some spots in your yard, and you’d like to kind of see a tree there, or a shrub, or maybe a screen (you got one of those neighbors that you’d rather not have), we can give you a number of suggestions. It’s all there on site to see. You can window shop.

If it’s something you don’t see, we work with at least a half dozen or more local nurseries that I can source material in and turn it around. Because of the time of year we can get those trucks in very regularly and probably turn your order around in a week, at the most.

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