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  • FREE membership
  • EARN Preferred Gardener Certificates based on accumulated purchases
  • OBTAIN information on upcoming events
  • RECEIVE your free Preferred Gardener Club Card and key tag today
  • EXCLUSIVE mailings to our Preferred Gardener Club members only

Dill’s Greenhouse Preferred Gardener Club is designed to reward our loyal customers! As a member, you will earn 1 point for each $1 retail purchase. For every 300 Preferred Gardener Points you accumulate, you will earn a $10 Preferred Gardener Certificate. The certificates will be processed and mailed each April and September.

Earning Your Rewards

Simply present your Preferred Gardener Club Card or key tag to the cashier before each purchase to receive your points. If you forget your card, no problem. Tell our cashiers before you make a purchase and they will look up your account for you.

Your Privacy is Important to Dill’s

Dill’s Greenhouse is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. You have our word that the information you provide us will remain strictly confidential. We will not sell any information to any company, organization or agency.

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Preferred Gardener Club Rules

  • This is NOT a credit card.
  • Cards do not expire, but club benefits may change each year.
  • Cards must be scanned PRIOR to purchases or we will look up your number.
  • One membership per family.
  • Preferred Gardener Points begin accumulating on the day of enrollment.  Each $1 retail purchase = 1 Preferred Point.
  • For every 300 Preferred Points you accumulate at Dill’s Greenhouse, you will receive a $10.00 Preferred Gardener Certificate.
  • Preferred Gardener Certificates are reviewed and mailed each June and November.
  • At the time of processing in June and November, if your account has reached $300 in merchandise purchases or any multiple thereof, a Preferred Gardener Certificate will be processed and mailed.
  • Any balance of purchase points remaining after the Preferred Gardener Certificates have been processed will remain in your account for further accumulation towards future certificates.
  • Taxes, gift certificate purchases, wholesale purchases, delivery, and landscape labor & design do not apply towards your Preferred Gardener Club purchase totals.
  • Lost Preferred Gardener Certificates cannot be reissued.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to let us know about any changes in address.
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