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Fill In Those Empty Spots In Your Garden

Well once you’re into June, people wonder what next? The gardens looking good. But sometimes things just don’t make it. Sometimes you find a spot over here that you really want to add something and it’s not too late in June.

Should I Fertilize In The Morning Or Evening?

Some things that you fertilize, and this would be true for regardless of when you’re doing it, more is not necessarily better. I know people, myself sometimes, if it calls for one teaspoon, two must be better. So that’s not necessarily the case especially depending what fertilizer you’re using.

June Insect Control Tips

Another popular topic in June is insects. That you really want to keep an eye on. You don’t want to just ignore it and then just wake up one day and look at your garden. It’s covered in aphids or it’s covered in something.

How And When Do You Control Bagworms?

Another thing, especially late May that you want to remember, is that, you don’t see them yet, but there are little baby insects out there ready to sprout and start to devour your plants or your trees. One question we get normally after June is what are all these bags hanging off of my evergreens.

What Is Part Sun? What Is Part Shade?

Another question we get a lot in May, because that’s the busiest time of the year for us and for gardeners, is that people will ask, Well, what can I plant in this much sunlight?

Spring Has Sprung. Annuals And Perennials.

Spring is sprung, it’s finally May. This is what we’ve all been waiting for. The time where you can actually get out in the yard and plant all the beautiful flowers and vegetables that was just too cold to do earlier. So this is the time to put in vegetables and herbs and all the tender annuals, a virtually unlimited list of things that you can plant in May.

Herb Garden Tips

Another good thing in April is to think about your herb garden. Herbs are one of my favorite things. I love to grow herbs. I love to to use herbs.

Rose Pruning Tips

So now that we’re into April, any of you guys that were late getting things cleaned up, April is definitely the month you kind of want to have that checked off your list. It’s time to really take a thorough walk through the yard.