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Nursery Selection In April

It’s a fun time in the nursery at Dill’s Greenhouse, because our nursery is as full as it probably will ever be, in the month of April.

April Cold Crops Tips

April is a good time to again plant some of your hardier vegetables. You can plant the cold crops. The cold crops are things like the cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts.

Early April Lawn Seeding

Another thing that’s good to consider for early April is seeding your lawn. If you have bare spots, it’s a good time to go ahead and put some grass seed out there….

March Early Planting and Pansies

Another thing that people always ask is what can we plant in March. You’ve been through wintertime, you’re itching to get out in the yard, but it’s still too early for some things. But there’s quite a bit you can plant in March…

Pre-emergent And Fertilizer On Your Lawn

March is also a good time to put fertilizers on your lawn. Pre-emergents keep the weeds that are annual from coming back. You don’t want to do that too early because then it’s not going to be effective. The rains and snows could dilute it.

Tips On Starting Seeds Indoors

March is a great time to start seeds indoors. We have quite a few seeds starting supplies and seeds. Best way to do this, you want to do this in a warm place. You need light. And some people like to just do it right in the soil and then cover it with a covering like vermiculite or just a little bit of soil on top. Keep it moist.

Garden Tool Prep and Ornamental Grass Trimming Tips

Well, when it comes to March, I like to get my to do list going. I do better with lists. So one thing I like to put on my list is getting my tools ready. Making sure my pruners are sharp. My springs are oiled and when it’s ready to need them, they’re ready to go. So a lot of things I’m looking to do in my garden in the spring is perhaps if I didn’t get to my ornamental grasses last fall or late winter, I can get those trimmed up. I like to cut those down, discard all that top growth before I see new green growth emerge….