Core Aeration in the Spring

Is springtime a good time to do core aeration?

Actually you can core aerate in the spring. Do it before you put down any crabgrass preventer.

If you’ve already put down a crabgrass preventer, then core aeration will break down that weed prevention barrier that you just put down. So do the core aeration first, and if you wanted to do some seed that would work out fine.

So many people don’t realize quite how crabgrass preventer works.

It goes down, it gets moistened, it spreads out in the top surface of your lawn and forms a barrier. And if anything breaks that barrier, from a dog digging, a child’s slipping and sliding in the lawn, or core aeration, all of these will break that barrier.

So save time and money. In the right order, you should get a new lawn in just a few weeks.