Non-invasive Ground Covers

We often get this question at Dill’s Greenhouse…

Is there any kind of perennial ground cover that is not too intrusive, that could grow around my plants slowly, that would it look a little nicer, and I could manage?

The answer is yes, “but.” The “but” part is that you’re going to be adding one more plant to the area. However, you can add a uniform cover of that same plant.

You may be putting yourself into a position to have to do some strategic weed killing. Use a little sponge, an oil can, however you can drip the weed killer on.

One perennial to try is ajuga. It’s also called carpet bugle. There is a green form, and there is a beautiful burgundy form. There is also a blended form of burgundy and cream. It grows roughly 2 inches tall. The flower will stick up to about 6 inches. It’s a fairly rambunctious perennial plant and will spread nicely an uniformly, while not really taking over like invasive plants do.