Timing For Crabgrass Prevention

Crabgrass prevention is important in lawn care, and timing is key to ensuring success. Knowing when to apply pre-emergent herbicides and other products can help you prevent crabgrass from taking over your lawn. Understanding the best times for application will also help you save money by avoiding unnecessary treatments.

The time for crabgrass prevention is late April and early May. Dill’s Greenhouse carries the Preen and GreenView lines of crabgrass herbicide and fertilizer. The most important thing to remember about timing for crabgrass prevention is that if you wait too long, you may end up with a new crabgrass season.

Crabgrass is an opportunistic annual weed that will grow in your lawn’s thin and bare spots. The first crabgrass to germinate is going to be the seeds that are laying on a south-facing slope, next to the house or next to a sidewalk where the reflection of the sun has heated up the soil to such a point where the crabgrass is ready to germinate. And then it’s going to continue to germinate, kind of like waves hitting a beach, all the way into the early part of the summer.

Crabgrass can take over your lawn, but a little action controls it. Learn how to get rid of crabgrass and how to prevent crabgrass from returning by asking the knowledgeable staff at Dill’s Greenhouse.