Window Box Prep

Have you ever considered trying window boxes across the front of your house? The soil mixture you use is extremely important in the success of how well your plants will do this season.

Above all, don’t use garden soil. You want something that’s going to hold the moisture, because window boxes drain pretty well. Using a moisture control potting mix would be the ideal choice.

For flower choices, nothing looks better than lots of color and plants that hang over the sides. Consider something like the wave petunias. Add a little bit of vinca vine that will also hang down or sweet potato vine.

Make sure that the window boxes don’t dry out. If they are situated under a big overhang, that’s going to keep them from being watered from the rain. You’ll need to make sure you keep the boxes watered, so they don’t dry out and put the plants in a daily stress.

Window boxes take a little bit more management than the same plants in the ground, but well worth the effort!